The ACT Science test is based on the Scientific process and helping students to better understand how to use the scientific process to answer the questions can significantly improve scores.  The scores do not improve because of learning tricks, but by understanding how the test writers ask questions and how to pay attention to key words and phrases that give you hints about the correct answer.

This video helps students understand the Science test much better, but you have to work through the video.

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    Understanding ACT Science

    • ACT Science

    • Understanding ACT Science-B

About the instructor

Math / Science Learning Facilitator

George Mizzell

George Mizzell is a 1979 graduate of UAB Engineering School - specializing in Electrical. George has a strong passion for helping students understand Math and Science. He was employed almost 15 years as an engineer with Alabama Power, and he has spent the past 13 years consulting in areas which include, but are not limited to, engineering, programming, organizational effectiveness, and marketing functions. George has developed a wide range of Hands-On Science classes, and these classes have been quite successful and enjoyed by thousands of energetic students. He has taught as a volunteer in Vestavia Hills schools for the past 15 years. George has been tutoring one-on-one and teaching ACT/SAT preparation for the past decade and works with about 1,000 students a year in classes and one-on-one sessions.

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