The comprehensive course takes you through 8 former SAT tests and covers in detail the answers that the test writers are looking for but, more importantly, how you can recognize the types of questions and problems that the SAT presents so that you can figure out the answer to those problems you have not seen before.

This course definitely provides a lot of class work and home work to increase exposure in the wide range of question and problem types that the writers of the SAT test can present. It is even more focused on helping students to understand what the writers are trying to do and what the signs are that help them figure out how to solve that problem.

As you work through this course we would recommend that you start with the Reading section - class 1 video and complete that section and then proceed to the Writing and complete it and then the Math section and complete it.  Then you will have Day 1 of the classes behind you.  Next use the homework items listed for the first day of class and then after completing the homework - study the answer explanations for each subject and learn about the ones you miss.  In some of the earlier assignments we give more thorough explanations but as the course progresses you will have less of the video explanations and still have access to the explanations from the SAT.

Thanks for selecting this course and we hope that we can add you to the list of people with improved SAT scores.

Course Curriculum

Intro to the SAT Verbal Skills Course
SAT Language and Writing - Grammar Review

What's included?

18 Videos
48 PDFs

About the instructor

Laura McDanal
Laura McDanal
English/Reading Classroom Instructor

About the instructor

Laura McDanal is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University--Central, South Carolina with a BA degree in English and a Master's degree in English Education from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Laura is a State Certified Teacher with experience teaching 11th and 12th grade English--Hoover High School. She has almost 10 years’ ACT/SAT tutoring experience with a strength in writing skills, grammar mechanics, reading effectiveness coaching, and vocabulary building. She also has experience with English as a Second Language students, specifically Japanese students.

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