AmeriStudy Presents SAT Verbal Skills Course

Comprehensive course for improving the verbal skills necessary for the SAT

Quality SAT preparation requires more than committed practice to tests. Ameristudy has partnered with AllPencilsDown to create a comprehensive yet detailed course for SAT preparation.

Many variables beyond weekly practice shape the well rounded student. It is critical that students know the format of the test, the expectations for specific question types, and the formula for finishing the test on time. Many aspects of the SAT have changed through the years, but AllPencilsDown will educate each student on the critical changes so that the student is aware of the current format of the SAT test. A combination of knowing the test format, weekly practice, and a quality online guided instructor is key to true success and improvement.

Course Curriculum

Intro to the SAT Verbal Skills Course
SAT Language and Writing - Grammar Review

What's included?

18 Videos
48 PDFs
Laura McDanal
Laura McDanal
English/Reading Classroom Instructor

About the instructor

Laura McDanal is a graduate of Southern Wesleyan University--Central, South Carolina with a BA degree in English and a Master's degree in English Education from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). Laura is a State Certified Teacher with experience teaching 11th and 12th grade English--Hoover High School. She has almost 10 years’ ACT/SAT tutoring experience with a strength in writing skills, grammar mechanics, reading effectiveness coaching, and vocabulary building. She also has experience with English as a Second Language students, specifically Japanese students.

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